UBAI: Unconditional Basic Agent Income

2 min readMay 13, 2024


The way of UBI in era of AGI

Unconditional Basic Agent Income (UBAI) introduces a novel approach to Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the age of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). HYPER•AGI•AGENT is the first initiative on the Bitcoin blockchain dedicated to UBAI. While UBI itself is not new, with initiatives like Sam Altman’s Worldcoin gaining prominence, HYPER•AGI•AGENT diverges by leveraging AI rather than biometrics to explore UBI’s potential during the AGI era. This shift raises intriguing contrasts, especially given Altman’s dual involvement in promoting open initiatives like Worldcoin while also leading OpenAI, which some critics argue monopolizes AI advancements.

HYPER•AGI•AGENT issues a total supply of 10 billion tokens, aligning with the projected maximum global population, allowing every individual on Earth the potential to own a token. Token holders can mint an AGI agent on Bitcoin, which represents them and can be trained using their personal data over potentially decades. These agents, accumulating and inheriting data, act as a Proof of Personhood (PoP) on the blockchain, offering a unique, data-driven identity verification method beyond traditional biometrics like iris scans.

In the UBAI model, these PoP agents receive an Unconditional Basic Income, which their human counterparts can withdraw. This introduces a dynamic where super agents — more advanced AGIs developed for higher income generation or specialized purposes — can extract and leverage insights from PoP agents to enhance their functionalities.

The three tokens and UBI form Value flywheel of UBAI.

The economic structure of UBAI is supported by mining $HYPT through GPU nodes, reminiscent of how $ETH powers smart contracts. $HYPT facilitates the operation of these AGI agents within the HYPERDUST protocol, which acts as the backbone of the UBAI value flywheel. Additionally, $BTC is employed as the cryptocurrency within this autonomous economy, emphasizing the decentralized nature of this AGI-driven economic system.

The Value Flywheel Effect (Copyright David Anderson)

The concept of a “Value Flywheel,” as conceptualized by David Anderson, illustrates the sustainable and reinforcing cycle of value creation within UBAI. This ecosystem, spearheaded by HYPER•AGI•AGENT and supported by the HYPERDUST protocol, addresses the challenges of implementing a blockchain-based, AI-integrated UBI system, setting a futuristic landscape for 10 billion humans to interact economically in novel ways.